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Practice toolkit for new and solo attorneys (beta):

A bundle of links and resources indexed by title and functionality – designed to assist with organizing and maintaining your practice.  Blank sections are coming soon.


Practice Guides



  • Domains: It’s critical to obtain a solid domain for your law practice.  For branding and marketing purposes you want a domain name that accurately reflects the name of your business.  A best choice would be a domain that exactly matches your business.  For example the best name for the firm John Doe Law, PC  would be  Good but not as great would be  The difference being that the first choice is an exact match while the second choice ads a new word “firm.”  Settling for a .net, .info, or .org is also suitable if the .com is not available.  But be careful not to run into any trademark issues. Also if someone else is using your ideal .com and has a big established business this could result in lost leads or issues with branding down the road.
    • is a affordable and reliable platform.  Services include 24/7 support, domains, hosting, email, shopping cards, SLL certificates and more.
    • EsquireLink – if you are not ready to take on the burden of developing or your own domain, you can simply point the domain to your EsquireLink site.   So would automatically forward to  – this would bring up your site powered by EsquireLink.
      • Or in the alternative, just use EsquireLink as your primary domain and include the proper URL.  For Example: John Doe Law, PC would be
  • Hosting: Necessary if you want to build your own site.  Honestly you don’t need to start out with everything and the kitchen sink.  Hosting plans by some companies can cost anywhere from $30 to hundreds per month.  To start off with a simple wordpress site all you need is a plan that should cost no more than $5 to $10 per month.
  • Email: I am personally a big fan of integrating with google.  For my own practice I use my name  I have my primary email set up through  However I integrate through Google for a cost of around $10 per month.  This gives me access to 2 step authentication, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and a bunch of other helpful applications.
  • Logo: For iPhone users check out the instalogo app.  This is what I use for all of my logo development needs.
  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Reserved
  • Computer (mac v. pc): Personally I use a mac. It just works.  You don’t know what you are missing until you have tried one.  Some limitations exist with efiling (although I have not personally experienced this).  Using pages or google docs requires a conversion to PDF or word for PC users to view and make edits.
  • Digital Storage (cloud servers)  I use google drive.
  • Ambience (radio and streaming): Office music.  Apple now offers a steaming service which is what I use.  For non mac users Pandora also offers streaming services including free and premium, commercial free plans.
  • Printer Review (coming soon)
  • Phone Service (virtual phone and wireless): I use grasshopper which provides tons of flexibility with no longterm contracts.
  • Fax: is a great tool.  Check it out.
  • Bricks and Mortar: If you are just launching your solo practice try to find a rental by owner where you can negotiate a month to month deal.  Don’t lock in to a 3 year commercial lease unless you know for sure you are capitalized enough to support the terms.
  • Print: Allegra Printing of Naples (for custom jobs) or vista prints for do it yourself jobs.
  • Signage (coming soon)
  • Associations (coming soon)
  • Value Proposition (coming soon)
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