Terms of Use

Esquire.link provides attorneys a platform for creating an online presence that is easy to use and affordable.  Built by attorney Royce Hood for attorneys.  Membership and basic websites are free.  Premium support and features are available.

By using this website you hereby agree to the following terms of use.


  1. UPDATES.  The terms of use may be updated from time to time without advance or prior notice.
  2. AS-IS and NO WARRANTY.   Esquire.Link is made available on an as-is basis.  No warranty is provided as to its utility, accessibility, functionality or usefulness.
  3. Esquire.Link reserves all rights in and to original content created by Esquire.link or its agents or subsidiaries.  All rights in and to content created by the user remains property of the user.
  4. Indemnification.  User accepts all responsibility for content which it places on the Esquire.link site, including content which may or may not violate any copyrights or trademarks.  In other words – if a user copies a picture from a third party site and uploads the picture to the users Esquire.link page – the user accepts responsibility for any infringement which may have occurred and agrees to hold harmless Esquire.link and its owner(s).  Esquire.link will hold harmless any and all users for negligence on its part.
  5. Additional terms coming soon.

How it works.

  1. User creates account.
  2. Esquire.link generates a free webpage for users account.
  3. User populates the webpage and its website with content.
  4. Esquire.link reserves the right to refuse service to any user and to delete any user account.  Esquire.link is not responsible for lost content or user data.
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