Site dedicated to 1. those who create and 2. those who need creations.  A work for hire agreement is most often associated with the development of creative works such as film, music, photos and even websites.   Work for hire agreements, not to mention the negotiation process, can be confusing and often overly complicated.

Example of simplifying the process: Bonnie, a film producer, hires musician Clyde to write music for her original short-movie about robbing banks.   Clyde has the perfect song for Bonnie’s movie but he wants to retain all rights to license, distribute or otherwise sell said song in the future.  Clyde is however willing to license the work to Bonnie for use in her movie.   Bonnie on the other-hand wants to own the exclusive rights in and to the song.  Clyde will agree to this only in exchange for a bank-load of cash upfront plus a royalty on the back-end.  A standard work-for-hire agreement wouldn’t work in this example.   Bonnie and Clyde will want an assignment of rights plus a royalty agreement.

More later. will provide editable forms and educational resources.   However the main component is a forum where creators can promote their original work.   Two forms of agreement:

  1. Work For Hire where creator retains copyrights in and to the work, the licensee receives non-exclusive rights.
  2. Work For Hire with Assignment of Rights where licensor sells and transfers all rights to licensee (so the buyer own the work).

More later.

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