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Platform for moocs (massive open online course) designed to empower students to be truly free.  FreedomCollege should be an educational institution that strictly follows conservative principles, free-market concepts and judeo-christian morals. That is the bedrock of the American dream.

Problems in American education.  For one – liberal ideology restricts true free expression by undermining students or professors with conservative ideals.

College debt has crushed an entire generation of Americans.  Indentured servitude, although made illegal by the 13th Amendment, is very much real under the ruse of student loan debt.  Although college education has elevated careers to an extent – the cost has hampered authentic ingenuity by restricting the free flow of entrepreneurial endeavors within the free market.

FreedomCollege seeks to provide free college courses, real life training and higher education without the ideology. may be available for sale.  Contact via whois.  If you don’t know how that works FreedomCollege is probably not for you.

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