FloridaInlets.com along with the singular FloridaInlet.com are premium domain names representing a highly valuable and marketable geographic niche within the sunshine state. Florida is among the fastest growing states in the USA and is currently the number 3 most populated state. Florida waterways represent, literally, streams for commerce, tourism, housing, traversing and recreation. Florida inlets are entry-points for the intracoastal waterway and rivers leading out to either the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Floridainlets.com offers a map of various inlets.

The landing page also includes a form for folks interested in Florida waterfront property. See concept for additional details.

Floridainlets.com could be used for a number of purposes, these might include:

  • Lead aggregation for real estate brokers
  • Lead aggregation for yacht brokers
  • Lead aggregation for boat slips
  • Tourism site with historical information
  • GPS guide / application with way points for boating and navigation
  • Surf and Fishing Reports
  • Retail or Hospitality

The HD Trust concept encompasses three main purposes for Floridainlets.com, (1) a map with useful information on inlets and nearby waterways, (2) lead capture for referral and direct marketing leads for real estate clients and (3) a brokerage firm by the name by the same name.

By combining both the plural (FloridaInlets) and singular (FloridaInlet) the portfolio ties up the premium .com space which creates the most value long-term.

FloridaInlets.com and FloridaInlet.com are held by the Hood Digital Trust.  Contact via whois.

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